Kenyan authorities threatens to ban movie streaming site Netflix


Kenyan authorities have threatened to ban movie streaming site Netflix. The chairman of Kenya’s Film Classification Board Jackson Kosgei threatened to block Netflix for inappropriate content.

The Board, which regulates what films and TV shows can be shown on Kenyan media, also said that Netflix had failed to seek a license to broadcast its content in Kenya.

However, analysts believes that Netflix’s parental controls should be suffficient to guard against inappropriate contents being shown to minors.

Futhermore, it is not even really clear whether the Kenyan agency have the legal authority to ban the streaming site. It all depends on whether Netflix is classified as a traditional broadcaster or an online platform like YouTube. YouTube is without restrictions and not banned by the Board.

Also according to the Director General of Kenya’s Communications Authority, Francis Wangusi, Netflix is an online medium and not a traditional broadcaster and does not require license since there is no internet censorship in Kenya.

Netflix opened its services to over 130 new countries this January bringing its footprint to around 190 countries. Let us see the positives of the platform and tap into it. It could be a goldmine which African content providers can tap into.

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