Man Asks Wife To Draw What’s Going On In Her Head, The Result Is Amazing



It is a fascinating insight into the female mind. This woman may have helped helped men to solve the mystery of what women are thinking once and for all with this chaotic diagram.

Reddit and Imgur user bpwwhirl posted an image online that his wife made for him when he asked her what was on her mind. The hand-drawn diagram she did for him has captured the attention of both men and women across the internet.

The diagram seems to confirm the common belief that women are natural multitaskers, as this man’s wife has all manner of things on her mind at once, including her children, her co-workers, sleep and the fact her breasts will not stay in her bra.

The photo of the drawing was posted on Imgur by bpwwhirl with the message: “Asked my wife to draw me a picture of what is on her mind. This is her response.”

The picture his wife drew contains all sorts of thought bubbles, lists and doodles. There is a category for “Work” and “TV”, while there are also mentions of bills, children and food.

The diagram has been viewed more than 1.65 million times on Imgur.

The woman who drew it up lists a number of things that float around inside her head, including “I have student debt”, “Doctor Who theme song” and “Food is awesome”.

She also wrote: “My kids are so awesome and evil at the same time”.

There is also room in her head for losing weight, dirt under the fridge and breasts: at one point she writes that “My boobs won’t stay in my bra”.

A number of commenters on Imgur – from both sexes – have praised the diagram. “As a woman, all of this yes,” said user greatgooglymooglytheoneandonly.

“Yes so hard it sits on your shoulders and beats your brain like a calypso drum.”

Another user, CutJewel, wrote: “Oh wow the boobs one is so accurate. Those traitors”.


Credits: Ross McG (you can follow his posts on tumblr) & DailyMail

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