‘Wheelchair-bound suicide bomber’ used bomb concealed in a laptop in the attack on Somali airliner

Somali Daallo Airlines plane explosion

According to the Telegraph, the bomb attack that ripped a hole in a Somali airliner as it flew over Somalia was smuggled on board by a wheelchair-bound passenger who was not properly screened, officials suspect.

Investigators probing Wednesday’s blast believe it was the work of a suicide bomber who posed as a disabled passenger to dodge rigorous security checks.

The bomb, which went off 20 minutes into the plane’s flight to Djibouti, tore a door-sized gap in the plane’s fuselage, through which one passenger is believed to have been sucked out of the plane.

The wheelchair-bound passenger is believed to have been transferred into a regular seat after being brought onto the plane. A passenger sitting next to him has been arrested on suspicion of being an accomplice.

The Somali passenger plane belonged to Daallo Airlines and made an emergency landing in Somalia’s capital with a gaping hole in its fuselage. The hole in the plane’s side appeared shortly after take-off from Mogadishu at 10,000ft.

CNN is also reporting that the passenger blown off the plane was actually the bomber. The CNN’s report stated that he might have disguised the bomb in a laptop he carried on to the plane.

So far no terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the incident.

Credits: The Telegraph, CNN

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