Who is the Mom?

Who is the mom

The above picture shared by Kaylan Mahomet (@kaylan_17) sent the social media into a frenzy with opinions divided on who is the mom among the three lovely ladies in the picture

In an interview aired Friday on HLN, the trio put speculation to rest by revealing that the twins’ mother, Tina, appears to the far left in the photo.

Asked by Christi Paul how she stays so well-preserved with two 16-year-old daughters, Mom broke down her methods.

“I try to drink a lot of water, I try to stay stress free,” the 35-year old said. “I just focus a lot on emotional inner beauty.”

The family said they’re mistaken for triplets “all the time.”

“Even people who I know personally still don’t know who’s the mommy,” Kaylan told HLN.

Credits: CNN

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