Wild Indian Elephant goes on rampage destroying homes

Wild Indian Elephant destroys homes

A wild Indian elephant rampaged through towns and villages in India’s eastern West Bengal state on Wednesday, smashing about 100 homes and sending frightened residents running down the streets.

The elephant strayed into Ektiasal village in Siliguri district and damaged houses and shops. No injuries were reported and forest department officials were trying to capture the elephant.

Wild Indian Elephant destroys homes

Terrified: The female elephant ran amok in Siliguri in West Bengal state, India, trampling parked cars and motorbikes

Wild Indian Elephant destroys homes

The female elephant also smashed homes and knocked over huts in a nearby village. The panicked big animal was seen covered in blood and cuts as it careered down the streets, crashing into parked cars and trampling motorbikes.

Wild bloodied Indian Elephant destroys homes

Wild Indian Elephant being transported back to the forest

It took several rounds with a tranquilizer gun by wildlife officials to stop the elephant in its tracks, as crowds of people gathered to watch from balconies and roof tops.  Once the effect of the tranquilliser wore off, authorities said they planned to return the elephant to the forest. The adult elephant was was hooked on a crane and lifted to a waiting truck for onward transportation to the forest.


See the wild Indian Elephant rampage video below

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