Kanye West’s “The Life Of Pablo” Reportedly Doubles TIDAL Subscriptions

Kanye and Jay Z

According to TMZ, TIDAL has grown it’s subscriber base from 1 million users to 2.5 million since Kanye West dropped his new album “The Life of Pablo” 10 days ago.

Kanye’s album puts TIDAL back in the game by giving the music service a huge financial shot in the arm.

Sources connected to TIDAL tell TMZ … “The Life of Pablo” and its debut at MSG has already been streamed millions of times in less than two weeks, which is a record for the service.

They were told the album’s been so successful his team is discussing plans for another release, which may include a physical copy.

Definitely, this must make Jay Z happy and gives the subscription-based music streaming service a huge boost.


Credits: TMZ

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