Ted Cruz beats Donald Trump in Kansas GOP Caucuses

Ted Cruz
Texas Senator, Ted Cruz is projected to win the GOP caucuses in Kansas. He is beating the republican front runner, Donald Trump by a wide margin at the caucuses. Earlier, Trump was predicted to win Kansas, but Cruz’s victory completely upturned all such predictions.

Cruz got about 52% of the votes with 60% returned so far. Trump is projected to get about 24%.

With the nominations still in question, and the Republican Party, especially, locked in an existential battle with Trump, Kansas votes matter more than they have in elections past.

Trump had been scheduled to visit Washington, D.C., on Saturday, but he diverted to Kansas instead to rally people in the morning. “We’re no longer going to be the stupid country,” Trump told his supporters in Wichita.

In his post victory interaction with reporters, Cruz urged the other republican contestants to rally round him so that they can easily defeat Trump. In his words, the more divided they are the more the likelihood that Trump will win and Trump winning implies a victory for Hilary Clinton at the main elections.

Analysts are eagerly waiting to see how Trump will perform in the next caucus at Maines especially in the light of recent attacks from Mitt Romney, a senior and well respected Republican figure.

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