Zuma’s visit made Ali Baba N2m richer

Photo highlights of President Zuma's visit to Nigeria

Photo highlights of President Zuma’s visit to Nigeria

Ace comedian Ali Baba may be 2 million naira richer now, thanks to President Jacob Zuma’s visit to Nigeria. The comedian revealed he had told a renowned lawyer that the South African president would visit Nigeria following the fine slammed on telecoms giant, MTN by the Nigeria Communications Commission.

Ali Baba and the lawyer then entered a bet with the lawyer promising to give Ali Baba N2 million if Jacob Zuma visits over the issue. Fast forward to March 2016, voila, Jacob Zuma is here.

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When people call me a comedian, I don’t argue. Because I am. When people call me unserious, I sometimes agree reluctantly. But to be honest, I am a lot of things. I love to read. I love photography. I probably have originated and designed many corporate logos of companies, But that’s what a ghost creative mind does. The other thing I do a lot is look beyond the noise and the consequences of certain issues in the front burner of our national discourse.

When the fine was placed on MTN by NCC, I told someone who is a renowned lawyer and seasoned commentator on national affairs, that if Mandela were alive, MTN and South African Government would have sent him to talk to the Nigerian government, all in a bid to not pay that fine. He said everything is a joke to you. But I was serious. That in the present situation, he should watch and see, that President Jacob Zuma would be heading to Nigeria shortly, to negotiate the penalty. One of the people at the gathering, a former minister, told me to go and sit down. I don’t know how it came to betting, but one of them said if Zuma comes to Nigeria because of the MTN issue he will give me 2 million Naira. And if he doesn’t, and the issue is resolved, I will give him N1m. The former minister witnessed.

So, there I was this morning at about 8:30am, just getting ready for the office, my phone rang. It was Oga Former minister. “Ali, I am beginning to fear you ooo.” What did I do sir? “President Zuma is coming to Nigeria! You this Urhobo winch!”. I hung up & called my debtor. The phone rang out. He called me back, 30 minutes or so, later. Oga Zuma is coming oooo! “Don’t be too excited” he said, “we are not sure it’s because of MTN”. Ok sir, I replied.

The details of the visit are being worked out right now. And guess what, it’s looking like I predicted. Why was MTN fined? NCC claims people were using their unregistered SIM cards to carry out terrorist acts, kidnapping, Robbery and all kinds of act that undermined the security & peace of this country. Fast forward. Nigeria just signed a security pact with The SA government. Then the next thing Zuma visits… Wetin o sabi SEF? Me I am waiting for my alert. Call me comedian again!

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