US Elections: Google now showing campaign finance information in search results

Hilary Clinton Campaign Finance

Google has added campaign finance information in its search results. The data for the informations is provided by the Center for Responsive Politics and it is being displayed at the top of your search results.

Earlier, Google also updated its search engine to quickly display information about the US presidential election, including delegate counts and the political stances of each presidential candidate.

The new graphic cards provides information on which industries have donated to each candidate the most, and the breakdown between individual donations and super PAC funding.

Google is also displaying search trends for each candidate prominently when you Google their name. With seven months left in this election cycle, it’s likely that this won’t be the last update Google will push out to beef up its political offerings.

According to a blog post from the Google team, “finding unbiased, objective election information isn’t an easy task. Today’s update is the latest in our efforts to help users get the information they need to become informed about the elections and our candidates”.
Donald Trump Campaign Finance


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