Rio 2016 Olympics: Ban on Russian athletes upheld by CAS

Russia and Olympics Flags

Russia’s bid to have the ban on its track and field athletes at the Rio 2016 Olympics overturned has failed.

The Court for the Arbitration of Sport (CAS) rejected the appeal of the Russian Olympic Committee and the 68 athletes on Thursday.

Following an independent report that uncovered widespread drug use, the team was suspended by the sport’s governing body, the International Association of Athletics Federations. Russia’s Olympic committee – and 68 of the country’s athletes – appealed but CAS has ruled the decision will remain.

The IOC is still considering a decision to ban all the competitors after a second report into state-sponsored doping.

The IAAF has giving its full support to the CAS decision. A statement posted in its website reads: “The IAAF has taken a strong stance on upholding the World Anti-Doping Code without fear and favour and is pleased that the Court of Arbitration for Sport has supported its position.

“Today’s judgement has created a level playing field for athletes. The CAS award upholds the rights of the IAAF to use its rules for the protection of the sport, to protect clean athletes and support the credibility and integrity of competition.

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